Friday, July 22, 2011

So much but right now Tour de France

So much has gone on this spring, new back wheel for the tandem giving us fits, MS ride good but not great, back troubles hopefully fixed by a new mattress and box spring, staff change at my favorite bike shop not boding well for my continued patronage and OMG the Tour de France.  What's not to like about two brothers who are great friends and totally devoted to each other being ranked 2 and 3 after a frenchman in the lead who never thought he'd still be in the yellow jersey at this point.  Today is the last mountain stage with a legendary climb.  Tomorrow is the time trial and then the ride into Paris Sunday which is mostly just a victory lap for the winner.  I'm here in my un-air condidtioned bedroom on the hottest day of the year trying to watch as much as I can of it before my room gets to hot to sit in anymore.  The rest of the house has AC but my DVR is in here.  I'll last as long as I can and then watch the rest tonight after the room cools down a bit.  Go Andy!

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