Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Back (Maybe)

I find myself with a bit of time to post today so I'm taking advantage of it.  No promises about future posts.  I've broken too many promises already.
So, what's new?  Well, after about a year of stress and eating just about anything that wasn't going to eat me first, I've gotten back on a weight loss program.  It is going to take a while, but I'm starting to undo the damage.  I joined Planet Fitness with Stef and Jonathan and I'm on this new diet that I'm doing through Dr. Rothfeld's office.  Both seem to be working!  I'm down from a lifetime high of 296 lbs to 277.5 lbs.  I had gotten down to 236 lbs right around when it all hit the fan in the fall of 2010 and I'm hoping to be back there for the MS Ride in May.
I've discovered a few things over the last year.  One is that there are times of stress in which I cannot tolerate being hungry.  I've been talking to the doctor about strategies for when these times hit that don't entail me falling off the wagon for months at a time.  I have found that the sedative effects that refined carbs have on me is something I've been using as a form of self-medication that requires some kind of replacement whether it is a prescription or a suppliment.  I hope that the stress of 2010-2011 was not something that will repeat itself in my life but you never know.  I'm going to work to line up some kind of strategy for dealing with big stress that doesn't involve gaining 60 lbs in a year.
Meanwhile, I'm slowly losing the wieght and regaining my fitness which is all good!


  1. Sweet! See you on the bike paths then in about . . . oh, four months? I recall you don't like the cold (on bike.)

    Also, my partner has gone whole-hog with the paleo diet. If you bump into him somewhere, watch out, he'll talk your ear off. :^) In your quest for health, you might find his story of his experience with it interesting.

    Also-also, still waiting for those FCOAB t-shirts. Though I suppose I'm a skinny-chick, or something, and other ladies might knock me off my bike if they see me wearing it. Hopefully 'cause they want one for themselves . . .

  2. We'll have to have the t-shirt say something like "I ride with the fat chick!" Then you won't feel like you have to be fat to wear it :-)

  3. Now that you ladies are into making t-shirts, I would love to have one that says "I love Lucy" :=) Miren