Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weighty Thoughts

Well, I lost a couple pounds this week which was nice considering I didn't lose any last week. Dr. Rothfeld prescribed a couple of suppliments to try while we wait for the blood work to come back and I haven't been able to figure out if they've been doing any good. I feel like I'm taking a big chance discussing my weight on a blog. My experience is that as soon as I bring up my weight, people feel like it is then okay to lecture me about how I should go about losing weight. I've got news for you. Fat people know all about dieting, everything. If it's been in the mainstream media, we've heard about it and tried it. Unfortunately, no one believes this because, if we have all this knowledge, why would we still be fat? And, if we do have this knowledge, we must be lying about what we've tried because, you know, fat people do that....
Wow, I didn't set out to write a rant today. I guess, what I'm saying, is that I'd like to be able to discuss my weight here without being subjected to a lot of well meaning advice on the subject. I've spent a lot of years figuring out what doesn't work for me and now I've finally, FINALLY, got a doctor who's willing to work with me on it instead of offering me the same old tired advice and then blaming me when it doesn't work.
So, I'm not looking for weight loss advice even though I know people give it with love. I'd just like to share what I'm going through and what I'm learning about my body.
That said, here's the stats this week:
Number of miles cycled: about 97
Average calorie intake per day (according to my Fit Day program): 2022
Suppliments I'm using: Metagenics Ultra Inflamex for inflamation (also doubles as a multivitamin), Crave Arrest for hunger and Omega 3 fatty acids for whatever it is they do.
Weight lost this week: 3 lbs.
Current weight: 269 lbs. (122 kg)
Weeks until the MS Ride: 4
Overall feeling of wellnes: Pretty good. The Caveman Diet definitely agrees with me. I'm less tired and achy than when I started it and my knees feel real good.


  1. Sometime you'll have to devote a post to defining the Caveman Diet. The name alone is intriguing. :-)

    Are you familiar with Kate Harding's Shapely Prose? It's a blog focusing on feminism, fat-acceptance, and other rant-worthy subjects, one of them being the exact point you make about fat folks knowing all about dieting! One of my favorite posts is a slideshow showing how ridiculous BMI standards are, with photos of healthy, active women along with their labels of "normal," "overweight," or "obese." After you look at the photos, you lose all sense of what these words mean since so many of the "overweight" and "obese" women look fit, active, healthy, and HAPPY.

    It gave me some great "food for thought" the first time I viewed it, so I thought others might enjoy it...

  2. Okay, that is my new favorite blog! Thank you so much for putting me on to it.
    The BMI slide show is amazing. The medical profession is so obsessed with BMI and yet it is such a bad gauge of people's overall health.

  3. Lorianne, thank you - I had seen that flickr set like a year (or more) ago, and couldn't remember where I'd found it. Thank you!

    Lucy, as someone who is overly conscious of the shape of her body, and deathly (hahaha, no pun intended) tired of arguing with well-meaning people about my food allergies ("well, you just haven't tried free-range chickens! They're better and more natural!" "Yeah, the hives and swelling shut of my throat will feel so much more better and natural, thanks!"), I feel your rant IN MY BONES. Rant on, sistah.

    Also, Caveman diet?! Do tell! Especially if it involves clubbing your food to death, because apparently I have some unresolved anger and it might help me. ;-)

  4. Actually, the Caveman Diet is pretty simple. You eat protien (meat, fish, eggs), vegetables that grow above ground, fruit, nuts and seeds. No refined sugar, grains, root vegetables or legumes. The doctor didn't say anything about dairy so I'm living in blissful ignorance and eating yogurt. Also, I am incapable of make soup with out an onion, so I'm just not mentioning those.

  5. Oh, and Lorena, it doesn't say anything about hunting and clubbing your own food, but I'm sure you could. I've been getting steaks with the bone in and have been feeling very caveman-ish as I gnaw the last of the meat off the bone.

  6. Having family member's who are obese, I know the struggles that they go through. My thoughts? As long as you are healthy, it doesn't matter what you weigh. Do what you know is best for you!

  7. 97 miles, WOW that is crazy biking :+) CONGRATS!

  8. Hi Lucy - Great post! I'm with you 100%. A book I really enjoyed was "Fat?So!," by Marilyn Wann, which contains my favorite reply for when people refer to others as being overweight: over whose weight?

    I think about this every day.

    I also really appreciated "Bodies," by Susie Orbach.

    And this, from January 2010:

    And, yay bikes!


  9. Cathy, thanks for the link. I really like her blog!
    We need to go for a ride soon!

  10. I love how this blog post begins with very serious, poignant thoughts and (nearly) ends with talking about clubbing animals for food for the caveman diet. :^)