Monday, May 31, 2010

Great Ride

Today, Stef and I had a great ride that more than made up for yesterday. We did part a of a route that we got from the Charles River Wheelmen site. If you are looking for some great local cycling resources, CRW is a great place to start.
I've finally started to remember to take my camera with me when we ride. Here are some scenes from the road. I think this is Virginia Rd in Concord. It is a nice way to get to Concord Center without taking Rt 2A.This is a rose bush that smelled wonderful.

One of the cool things about riding this spring has been smelling all the flowers as they bloom. It started with the apple blossoms, then lilac, mock orange and, this week, roses. I've smelled a lot of flowers that I can't even name but it always makes our ride delightful.

Here we are in Concord Center. Stef is texting updates to the team's home base. Last week, when we got lost, she texted her husband 'We're lost'. He texted back 'Use the phone, Luke', which we did and got back just fine.
This is Andrew. We met him in Concord. He is a cyclist and an origami artist. Check out his work here. It's extremely cool!

He was kind enough to offer to take some pictures of us with the bike.
We started out like this which was too serious for Andrew.

That brought us to this,

this,and, eventually, this.

Thanks, Andrew!

Folks, if his live origami presentation is half as much fun as just running into him in Concord, you should call him up!

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