Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Nephew Rides!

After two years of trying to learn to ride a bike, I think my nephew's finally got it!! It has been very hard. First off, he and I don't have much time we can get together. He goes to school. I work afternoons and evenings. He's often at his mother's all weekend and even when he's here, I'm often too tired from MS Ride training. What we have been doing is bringing the bike when we go to the bus in the morning. He practices his riding to the bus stop and then I bring the bike home. I can only do this once or twice a week because I often leave from the bus stop to go on a ride myself.
However, we seem to be making progress! Last year, he took a lesson at the Somerville Bicycle Riding School and we've been using a lot of the techniques they use. Today, he rode on his own for 20-30 feet. I have to get him going and then jog along side until he tells me to let go. Who knew I'd be learning to jog while the offspring was learning to ride. Phew! Now he just has to learn to get himself going and how to stop in some way that isn't crashing. Rome was not built in a day, my friends.

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