Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Back from the Edge

I feel like I have woken up from a years long dream only to find myself in the most appalling shape of my life and barely able to bike.
I have woken up in a way.  I was diagnosed with sleep apnea so I've been sleep deprived and oxygen starved for at least the past year.  I got a CPAP machine about a month ago and am finally getting real sleep again.  I also sold the yarn shop so that I can concentrate on my graduate degree and eventual career change to accounting.  For the first time in at least a year, I have some actual free time.
I went for my first ride on my own bike in, well, let's just not talk about it.  My left knee, which has been very stiff, gave me some trouble.  I really only went around the block with a stop for stretching.  It sucked and it hurt but resting my knee has not loosened it up so the new plan is to make it move whether it wants to or not.
I had to switch my pedals back to regular pedals on both my single bike and the tandem.  With my fitness they way it is, I can't handle clipping in and out of my road pedals.  It is kind of sad for me to realize that but you do what you have to do to get back on the bike.
So, tomorrow, I will get back on the bike and go around the block again and hope there is improvement.  It's all I can do.

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