Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Finding the Love for the Trainer

Doesn't it figure that I get fancy new shoes and then it rains for four days?  I usually ride in the rain but I've been feeling like a wimp about the cold.  So, today I busted out my trainer, put the bike on it and went for a ride.  I had a pretty good work out.  I rode for half an hour (a huge amount of time for me on the trainer) and did four sprints.  I watched Giro d'Italia highlights on tv while I was riding and that helped pass the time.  I also wasn't as uncomfortable on the bike as I usually am when it is on the trainer.
I have been trying to find the love for riding on this trainer for years.  I really don't ride much in the winter.  I'm a complete wimp about the cold and it is also very hard to find any kind of serious plus-sized winter cycling gear.  Us fat chicks are a small enough market for summer gear.  For winter gear, the demand is so small that apparently the companies see no point in making it.  They make large sized men's gear but it never fits.  Companies assume a XXL man is 6'4", broad shouldered, narrow waisted and long armed.  That shape doesn't work at all for a short round woman.  I have a wonderful, warm, Gore-Tex rain jacket that is a men's XXL.  After losing 40 lbs, it swims on my shoulders, the sleeves hang down below my finger tips and it is still tight over my hips.  Don't even talk to me about rain pants.  I won't be able to get a pair of those until I'm what the industry considers to be a 'normal' size.
Well, I didn't mean for that to devolve into a big gear rant but that's my reality.  So, to solve this problem, I'm trying very hard to if not enjoy, at least get myself onto the trainer as the weather gets colder and I don't want to ride outdoors.

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