Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Stats

Miles ridden this week: 41
Average calories per day: 1839
Pounds lost: 3.5
Current weight: 250 lbs (113.6 kg)
Total weight loss since 3/26/10: 41 lbs.

The regroup seems to have worked but we're only a week in so we'll see what next week brings.  I actually feel like I'm retaining water today and the only new thing I added to my diet yesterday was some cherries.  So odd.
It's been an interesting week.  I cut way back on riding as you can see.  I didn't eat any fruit at all until Thursday when I had some raisins and then the cherries yesterday.  I've added another Metagenics drink for breakfast and am eating a lot of eggs to boost my protien as well as a suppliment to support my adrenal gland.  I'll make a list of them soon.  I also cut out yogurt completely.  It continues to make me sad that anything I really like turns into something I should never eat.  Guess what?  I loooove cherries.  Probably allergic to them too.
The good news is that my hunger is back to being trustworthy.  If I'm super hungery, it's actually because I should eat something and I've been far less hungry this week even though I've eaten a lot less.

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