Sunday, August 8, 2010

Revere Beach

I just got back from riding to Revere Beach.  I couldn't face taking the train on a beautiful day like today but the ride wasn't the most fun I've ever had.  Anyone have a route they like to use to get out there on a bike?  I took Route 60 most of the way and there were some really delightful rotaries.  Let me take this opportunity to thank all the nice people in those rotaries who were paying attention and showed concern for my safety.  I really appreciate it!
Google suggested Route 16 as well but that is two narrow lanes of people going 45mph and no bike lane.  I decided to pass.
I had a good time when I got there because I met my sister and her daughters for some fun at the beach.  When we left, my nieces were tired and asking to be carried so I offered to push them on the bike.  We put the little one on the seat and the big one on the rack and I pushed them down the sidewalk to the car.  It was a big hit.  My sister got a super cute picture of them both on the bike.  I'll post it as soon as she sends it to me.

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