Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Regroup

The last three weeks on this diet have been really bad.  I'm back to being hungry all the time as well as dragging around with no energy and bearly losing any weight. Nothing makes me more frustrated and downright mad than working hard, suffering through the hunger and not losing any weight. Add to that all the money I've been spending on suppliments, shots and doctor visits.  All of this is fine to deal with IF IT WORKS!  If it doesn't, I get royally pissed.  I've just been fuming the last few days.
So, today, having eaten without guilt for a day, I regroup.  I took my food log with me to see the nurse practitioner yesterday and we had a good long talk about it.  Apparently, I'm not eating enough protien.  Also, I'm eating too much fruit.  Two servings a day is too much fruit?  Apparently, so.  I told her that being summer in the yarn business, I couldn't afford to buy fancy, grass-fed beef to eat everyday so what was I supposed to do?  Her suggestion and it was a good one, was to eat eggs.  I'm also not eating enough vegetables and should be eating a bigger, protien heavy breakfast.  She suggested doing four days of an ultra low carb diet to get my weight loss started again and then continuing with the above suggestions, cutting out yogurt altogether (I knew it!) and getting a bunch of food allergy testing done the next time I see Dr.Rothfeld.  I'll give it a try (I'll give anything a try at this point) and see how it goes.
Also, the ice cream for dinner thing didn't really work out for me.  I was supposed to get up early and go for a ride with Stef this morning but felt so lousy I had to cancel.  The ice cream was good, though.


  1. I saw this and it made me think of my biking friends.

  2. I like the sign! I'd rather burn calories than gas any day.

  3. Wait. There is such a thing as TOO MUCH FRUIT?!

  4. Yeah, so they tell me. Who knew.