Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Blood Work

I went in yesterday to discuss my blood work with Dr. Rothfeld and the results were interesting and a little scary. The main thing he was testing me for was inflammation.  If you'd like to learn more about it, there's an interesting article here.  He was also testing my thyroid and a ton of other stuff.  The results came back that I have massive inflammation.  One of the markers he checked was five times the maximum healthy number.  He explained that this is causing a whole bunch of cascading problems with my health, surpressing my metabolism and is the reason I've had so much trouble losing weight in the past.  If let go, this could cause me to have the same kind of heart problems that killed my father at age 57. 
Fortunately, the suppliments he gave me, which all address the inflammation in one way or another, are helping since I am losing weight.  He added vitamin D to my suppliments and said to continue with the others as long as I keep losing weight.  If my weight loss stops, it will indicate that those suppliments aren't enough anymore and he'll bring out some bigger guns. 
I'm still a little freaked out that I was well on my way to having the same problems that killed my dad at such a young age.  I'm already 45.  I was always afraid of becoming a fat, decrepit old woman but now I find out that I might not have had the chance to become an old woman at all. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have finally found a doctor with some answers that actually seem to work. 


  1. that's great! i hope the supplements don't keep making you sick. what are you taking? good luck!!! miss you like africa.

  2. I'm pretty sure which one is the culprit. I just sent my doctor an email. Hopefully, he'll be able to help.
    I miss you too! I'm totally coming to see you in early July. I'll call you this week!