Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Stats

Miles ridden this week: 90
Average calories per day: 1834
Pounds lost this week: 2
Current weight: 265.5 lbs (120.5) kg
Weeks until MS Ride: 2 (EEK!)
This was a tough week for riding.  The shop has been super busy because of the sale (not complaining, just sayin').  I missed my Sunday ride because of a stomach ache.  I went to the chiropractor twice having undone my first adjustment by lugging too many groceries home (I really should know better).  I fell, fortunately it was on the way to the chiropractor so the damage was mimimized.  Then I had to deal with home plumbing issues I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. 
I had a lot of trouble eating and drinking enough and my performance really suffered.  Yesterday, I went out to ride and only got about 3 miles before turning around.  I headed over to Whole Paycheck to see if I could buy some foods that would tempt me to eat enough (I've often said that if you aren't going to exercise, you should eat).  I got some of their breakfast food from the hot bar and some goat's milk yogurt.  Those seemed to help a lot.  Then, last night, I gave a dharma talk about my weight which I had been very nervous about.  It went pretty well and I'm feeling a lot better now that that stress is over. All in all, I'm glad to see the back of this week and am hoping next week I'll go back to feeling as good as I had been before.


  1. Gosh, Lucy, I'm so sorry you haven't been well this week. I can identify. Hope the sale went great and I'll be in next week for some advice on my sock problem (socks have been in and out of freezer for nearly 3 weeks to be sure no M---'s before I bring them in).

    May you continue to feel better. I am faithfully reading this blog, and you are so brave and inspirational!


  2. Thanks Devin. The sale is going very well.
    I look forward to seeing the socks!