Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Team Car

The rack is now on the Team Car (aka Stef's husband's car).  Stefanie's motto is "75% of success is reading the directions" and this stood her and Jonathan in good stead while installing this fairly complicated rack. 
We got to try it out yesterday taking the tandem to the bike shop (again).  On Monday, Liz discovered that our rear wheel was badly out of true, too much for her to fix.  Must have been the giant bump we went over on our ride Monday.  Ah, the joys of road construction.  It should be fixed soon.
The rack is a great thing because before, if we wanted to get the tandem anywhere, we had to ride it.  This gave me a bit of stress as our rides got longer because if we broke down on the road, our choices were fix it ourselves or walk it to a bike shop, neither good options the farther afield we got.  It is also quite a luxury to be able to just put the bike on the car and take it anywhere we want.  When we did the Hub on Wheels ride last year, we did the 30 mile route but actually ended up riding 40 miles because we had to ride over from my house and back.  One way or another, the wonderfulness of the rack cannot be underestimated. 

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