Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Stats

Miles ridden this week: 116
Average calories per day: 1991
Pounds lost this week: 3.5
Current weight: 262 lbs (119) kg
Total weight loss since 3/26/10: 29 lbs.
Weeks until MS Ride: 1 (Holy Crap!)
I stopped taking the Crave Arrest suppliment this week and feel much, much better.  I was able to eat enough so that I wasn't dragging on my rides.  I averaged only about 160 calories a day more than last week, but what a difference it made.  The doctor wants me to try to add back in the Crave Arrest at a lower dose.  I may try that later this week.
I've now lost 29 of the 30 or so pounds I gained over the winter.  Starting this week, I'll be trying to get below a plateau that I haven't seen the south side of since I was in my thirties.  Last year around this time, I spent a solid three months counting my calories and riding my bike 60-90 miles a week.  I was horribly hungry and my weight just jigged up and down the same 3 pounds the whole time.  It really pissed me off and caused the f@ck-all attitude that resulted in my weight gain over the winter.
An interesting development this week is that I've begun to trust my hunger.  For most of my life, I haven't trusted my hunger.  People would always say 'Just eat when you are hungry and you'll lose weight' but that has never worked for me.  Anytime I ate when I was hungry, I would consistently gain weight.  Now, thanks to the diet and suppliments I'm on, if I'm super hungry, I know I need to eat or I'll feel crummy, yet I don't seem to be too hungry.  It is a novel feeling.  I quite enjoy it.


  1. One of the hardest things for me about being more aware of when and how much I'm eating, is becoming aware of the difference between eating to fill my empty stomach (hunger) and eating to fill that empty hole in my heart (sadness, anxiety, boredom). Many times, for me at least, anxiety masks itself as hunger, and hey! bring on the cheese and crackers!

    Is that just me....?

  2. I would do that kind of eating too and still feel the urge to do it sometimes although, if I stay off sugar it isn't as big of a problem. I'm talking about real hunger where my body is telling me it hasn't had enough to eat, he kind where I get dizzy and cranky and can't think straight. That's gone way down.
    Oh and, mmmm cheese.

  3. Congratulations Lucy! You're doing great and I'm glad you're feeling good FINALLY!