Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ready Or Not

Saturday, we ride.  Today, we took our last ride before Saturday.  We managed to take it easy by taking Stef's daughter with us.  She can ride about 9-10 miles at a stretch and helped us keep the pace reasonable.  She really loves biking and wants to do the Hub on Wheels ride with us this year (YAY!) but the heat got to her a bit today (can't imagine why, it's only billion out there).  She was a trooper, though.
I had to buy new bike shoes unexpectedly this week.  I was really hoping to get another season out of the ones I had.  Unfortunately, Sunday and Monday, I had a lot of trouble with my toes going to sleep.  Come to find out that the combination of my worn out shoes, the type of clipless pedals I'm using and the heat really hurt my feet.  I've now got new shoes with the cleat moved a bit forward to take the pressure off the spot that was bothering me.  I'm not thrilled with these shoes, but they'll do for now.  Ben at the bike shop said that considering how much I ride, I should really change to road shoes and pedals.  I've been using mountain bike shoes because you can still walk in them but the cleat is small and presses on my foot unpleasantly.  Road shoes have a much bigger cleat that spreads the pressure but are smooth on the bottom and not much fun to walk anywhere on.  What I can see happening, knowing myself the way I do, is me buying a fancy dance road bike and getting the new shoes and pedals for it and keeping the bike I have now with it's pedals and shoes for doing errands.  We won't talk about how many other bikes I already have.  No, we won't talk about that at all.  

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